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Dive into the latest fishing adventures with Trails Guide Service through our dynamic "Fishing Report" section. Stay informed and inspired as we share real-time updates on thriving catches, prime fishing spots, and expert insights from Guide GW Chisholm. Whether you're an avid angler or a curious adventurer, our Fishing Report is your go-to resource for staying ahead of the game and ensuring each outing with Trails Guide Service is nothing short of extraordinary. Explore the depths of Lake Texoma's fishing scene with us, where every report is a glimpse into the exciting world of angling excellence.

We get these questions a lot. Where can I fish in Lake Texoma? What's the best bait for Lake Texoma? Is striped bass good to eat? Well, Lake Texoma offers a variety of excellent fishing spots, including the Burns Run and Buncombe Creek areas, known for their abundance of striped bass. The best bait for Lake Texoma often includes live shad or artificial lures like swimbaits and topwater plugs. As for the culinary aspect, striped bass is indeed a delicious and popular fish to eat.

Trails Guide Service, led by the experienced Guide GW Chisholm, is well-versed in the optimal fishing locations across Lake Texoma, ensuring that anglers under their guidance have the best chances of success. Whether you're seeking the thrill of the catch or planning a memorable fishing expedition, Trails Guide Service is your gateway to navigating the diverse and fruitful waters of Lake Texoma.

Explore our fishing reports and discover the firsthand experiences of our guests as they reel in these incredible fish!

Trails Guide Service offers an exciting four-hour fishing expedition for an immersive angling experience.

Recognizing the multitude of resources available for planning your upcoming fishing excursion, we're delighted that our insights have proven valuable to you. At Trails Guide Service, our fervor lies in imparting our expertise on this picturesque water expanse to passionate anglers like yourself. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share an exciting fishing experience with you!

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