GW Chisholm

Meet Guide GW Chisholm

Meet G.W. Chisholm Guide at Trails Guide Service Fishing in Lake Texoma With His 30 ft "Bubbette" Motorboat

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling outdoor adventure? Look no further than Guide GW Chisholm and his renowned Trails Guide Service on the mesmerizing Lake Texoma.

Guide GW Chisholm's passion for fishing is the heartbeat of Trails Guide Service. With an unwavering love for the sport, Chisholm brings not only years of experience but also an infectious enthusiasm to every fishing excursion. His dedication goes beyond reeling in the big catch; it extends to creating an immersive and educational experience for anglers, sharing insights into the intricacies of fishing and fostering a genuine appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds Lake Texoma. Chisholm's passion is the driving force behind Trails Guide Service, ensuring that each fishing trip is not just an adventure but a memorable journey into the world of angling excellence.

Guide GW Chisholm is the epitome of expertise when it comes to fishing, elevating Trails Guide Service to new heights. With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of hands-on experience, Chisholm possesses an innate understanding of the behaviors, habitats, and seasonal patterns of the diverse fish species in Lake Texoma. His expertise extends to mastering various fishing techniques, from bait selection to optimal rigging, ensuring that anglers under his guidance have the best possible chance of a successful and enjoyable fishing experience. Chisholm's commitment to excellence and his ability to share his wealth of knowledge make him an invaluable asset to Trails Guide Service, creating an environment where anglers can learn, thrive, and reel in unforgettable catches.

The Bubbette Silver Dollar, a 30ft vessel, presents a perfect blend of history and modernity, originally built in 2001 and meticulously restored in 2022. Powered by a robust 250 Suzuki engine, this boat boasts an impressive maximum speed of 36 knots, ensuring swift navigation through the waters of Lake Texoma. With a spacious design accommodating up to 8 people, the Bubbette Silver Dollar is not just a boat; it's a comfortable and high-performance vessel tailored for an exceptional fishing experience with Trails Guide Service.

Trails Guide Service assures an unforgettable day on the water that will leave everyone eager for a return trip or contemplating an extended stay!

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11 Years of Experience

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- Rods, reels& tackle

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- Life Jackets

- Bait

What to bring:

- Hat, Sunscreen, Polaroid Sunglasses

- Wear weather appropriate clothing

- Food and drinks

- Ice Chest for your Catch (Note: A limit of 10 fish usually produces 1-gallon size bag of fillets)

- Camera

- Fishing License (if required)

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